Individual Therapy


Individual Therapy    Gilles Marchal will increase your clarity about the life you want to build

  • the changes you want to make your present problem
  • the scope and impact of your present problem
  • the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve your goals
  • becoming the kind of person you aspire to be

Your Responsibility:  Therapy requires your active participation, motivation and commitment. 

During your sessions: 

  • Be honest
  • Give your therapist feedback
  • Think critically about your sessions
  • Assess your progress

Before every meeting:

  • Reflect on your goals
  • Prioritize your goals outside of therapy 

Listen to Your Discomfort: Expect emotional discomfort, as it is always part of the growth process. Your growth depends on your ability to work through this discomfort. Exploring it with your therapist can be a catalyst for profound change. 

Be Open to Change: You're entering therapy for support and guidance as you make changes in your life. Since how you've been living is no longer working, it's time to take your life off autopilot. 

Helpful Forms

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 (505) 414-9285
 4253 Montgomery Bld NE Suite 230
Albuquerque, NM 87109
 [email protected]

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